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Benefits of Cloud Based HR Software:

Streamline Your HR Responsibilities

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Our recruiter manager provides your organization the ability to streamline the applicant process.
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Organizations can effectively track
and manage employee
performance reviews with our Performance Appraiser.
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Background Screening Services

Solitary Solutions employee credential verification services are quick, affordable, and completed by a certified professional in human resources. Don't be fooled by a falsified resume. There are many reasons applicants falsify their credentials when seeking employment. Our certified team will save your HR department valuable time and ensure your applicant’s employment and education history is accurate.

Employment Verification

Our certified HR team helps you by verifying an applicant's current and previous work history, including dates of employment, title, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, comments offered, and report any discrepancies.

Solitary Solutions can also interview former managers and/or professional references. This gives you information beyond the facts of employment. It provides insight into performance and attitude. Our team can also customize the interview questions.

Education Verification

Solitary Solutions quickly and accurately verifies education information so you know if your applicant is being truthful and actually has the required credentials for the job. Exaggerated educational accomplishments are one of the most common occurrences found on an applicant's resume. Learn if your applicant is honest and qualified for the job. Our education verification services provide you with level of education, schools attended, degrees obtained, attendance dates, grade point average, person and department contacted, and any discrepancies.


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